Whether a public institution, large corporation or small business, there is a global need to reduce Energy Consumption and Carbon Emissions due to increasing energy costs and the imposition of legislative requirements, such as the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) tax in the United Kingdom.

DBS has pioneered the development of its SolaVeil and Digital Glass technologies to be applied to a variety of surfaces, glazing and window films, providing customised engineered solutions that meet the individual needs of each building.

Historically, the built environment has been predominantly concerned with solar shading. Through its patent protected daylight management and manifestation technologies with unique solar control and daylighting features, DBS meets economically the needs of a growing cleantech sector by significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions in buildings whilst enhancing the use of natural daylight to improve the interior environment.

DBS also delivers physical and visual security within its glazing solutions, which also benefit from unique passive anti-bacterial properties which are inherent within the material deposited and achieved without the presence of any additional biocidal additives, thereby offering a modern alternative to curtains and blinds which can harbour harmful bacteria in healthcare and educational sectors.

“Reducing solar heat gain through glazing helps reduce energy costs by lowering air conditioning requirements resulting in stabilised internal temperatures and improved occupant comfort levels. Our SolaVeil and Digital Glass technologies also transform windows by evenly distributing cool natural daylight deep into a building helping to enhance wellbeing, productivity and learning.”

Brian Hughes
Inventor of SolaVeil

Key Objectives
Our primary objective is deliver the right solution for your building to:

Improve use of Daylight, Light and Colour
Improve comfort and wellbeing of building occupants
Improve Energy Efficiency and Carbon Consumption
Deliver sustainable solutions to the internal environment that are cleaner, safer, brighter and cheaper to operate.
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